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Oct 19 '14

Testing out different eyes.

12mm are too small and leave a gap of the eyes aren’t dead center. :/

I’m also having a terrible time at making sure both eyes are even. Ugh.

Oct 19 '14

Thanks to bjdrealm I found out this outfit fit Minifees!!!

Oct 18 '14

He is not happy about being in a dress and the fluffy pink wig. Poor Velo.

Oct 18 '14

I love her in just about anything she wears.

Oct 17 '14

This red overcoat is too much fun!

Oct 16 '14

The Russian boys finally arrived!!

They are so cute!!

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Oct 16 '14

Even without a faceup and a name I’m in love.

Oct 15 '14



I wish there were more anthro lovers/collectors. I sometimes feel so left out because my collection is primarily anthro.


I LOVE anthro dolls and most of my dolls are anthro, too! :D WE EXIST! (And have a Facebook group, too!)

There’s also AnthroAddicts the forum for those of us who love Anthro dolls.

Oct 15 '14

The outfit I took a gamble on fits like a glove. :D

Oct 14 '14